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It takes two to fail this epically.

22 11 2012


So no one had asked me to cook a turkey and I assumed there were plans… What’s that saying about assuming making a… yeah. D, who I think of as a wonderful person to be counted upon, never communicated with me about what she was thinking regarding Turkey Day. And I kept forgetting to ask… [...]

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This is the area where I could have put text about myself or my blog... but they're really the same thing in the end. If you really want to know about me then read the about page. Otherwise... well, can't help you there. You're in the wrong place if you're not interested in who I am. It's a sad fact that my blog pertains only to myself. Who wants to comment on society and politics? Especially politics. ick. But at least then you're saying... something. Y'know?
No, this is just me... talking. You know, really you're eavesdropping. Feel free to creep away quietly, and nobody gets hurt. ;)

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    Renewal Notice

    19 11 2012


    It just came, but I have a few more months on this site. Still if anyone happens to wander across this place (not that anyone will, my site is like pluto, or wait, maybe not… not far enough out & way too much discussed to be accurate)…

    Anyway, I’m also elfiedawn@LiveJournal and talordauna@Twitter

    Livejournal isn’t my fave or anything, I just had some friends there, and they’re still there… Though I’m a bad friend. I don’t read them, but then I don’t think they read me either.

    I’m much more on twitter. Contemplating joining wordpress since I do like it quite a bit, not that I’ve been able to use its full features recently. One reason not to pay for my site: they never update the php, so I can’t use new versions of wordpress. I should have abandoned it by now, right? Right.

    Well anyway, if you’re interested in this domain it’ll be free in Feb. Now I better get back to writing. (NaNoWriMo.)

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